You suffer from back pain or your neck doesn't move the way it should? Working from home, using our smartphones and sitting in the wrong position over a long time, can cause serious health problems. We're here to help! With our 1:1 Yoga training you get personalized help to relieve pain, build muscles and achieve a good posture. We are also offering pre-natal and postnatal yoga.

Weightloss - Hypopressive Yoga

Hypopressive exercises are a set of postural techniques combined with specific respiratory work. They serve to reduce intra-abdominal pressure and activate and strengthen the deep muscles of the abdomen and pelvic floor. They have numerous benefits such as: -reduce waist -improve body posture - stabilize the spine - improve and reduce abdominal diastasis (postpartum recovery) - promote blood and lymphatic circulation -improve digestive function -prevent and solve incontinence problems - improve sexual relations - prevents the descent of the pelvic organs (prolapses, hernias) - decreases back pain - improve sports performance Men and women can benefit from these exercises, which done correctly can help us in an amazing way.