Our Concept

We combine our knowledge as certified Yoga Trainers with the current findings from anatomy, physiology and yoga therapy. In all of this, we practice mindful, benevolent interaction with ourselves, and learn to cultivate a positive attitude toward ourselves that makes our connection both inwardly and outwardly more peaceful and harmonious. In the air, on the ground or on the water, we make sure that you'll have fun!

in the air, on the ground & water

Classic Yoga

Strengthen your body and learn the fundamentals of Yoga with our Classic Yoga classes. Here we practice Flows, Ashtanga and Vinyasa.

Aerial Yoga 

Don't be afraid to try this extravagant method of yoga: our teachers will help you to find the best posture! It's great to relax your back and strengthen your muscles.

Yoga on a SUP

Water is your element? Than this one's for you! Our high quality Stand-up-paddling Boards give enough stability to practice Yoga on the water. 

Our Mission

You suffer from back pain or your neck doesn't move the way it should? Working from home, using our smartphones and sitting in the wrong position over a long time, can cause serious health problems. We're here to help! With our 1:1 Yoga training you get personalized help to relieve pain, build muscles and achieve a good posture. We are also offering pre-natal and postnatal yoga.